Application Advantages Of Freeze Dryer In Biopharmaceutical Field

2021-02-01 14:07:20
Application Advantages Of Freeze Dryer In Biopharmaceutical Field
The freeze drying process of the freeze dryer is carried out at low temperature. Some volatile components in the material lose very little, and the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot be carried out. Therefore, it is especially suitable for many heat-sensitive materials without denaturation or loss. Biological vitality is therefore widely used in the fields of biotechnology and medicine.

The advantages of freeze dryers in biopharmaceutical applications have strong advantages for pharmaceutical companies to reduce pharmaceutical costs, transportation costs, and efficiently retain the value of biological products. Therefore, they have a pivotal position in today's biopharmaceutical related industries.

Because the low-temperature freeze drying technology of the freeze dryer sublimates the solid water in the biochemical articles, some pores will be formed on the surface of the dried articles, thereby retaining the chemical structure and cell activity of the related articles. Therefore, it solves the problem left over by traditional technology, which is the damage to the surface materials of biochemical articles by the traditional drying process, and meets the higher requirements of production enterprises for the quality of finished products.

In addition, when using traditional pharmaceutical methods to process biological products, high temperature can easily cause negative results of protein component deterioration and severely affect the quality of drugs. The dryer is a pharmaceutical process performed in a large environment with lower temperature conditions, which makes it difficult to The damage of pharmaceutical raw materials is almost zero.

In addition to the advantages of temperature, the greater advantage of freeze dryers is "vacuum". Drugs produced in a vacuum environment have no pollution, no impurities, reduce oxidation of chemical substances, and facilitate the transportation of chemical substances. The advantages of strong rehydration performance and ease of clinical application ensure the quality of pharmaceutical raw materials to a large extent.