500kg Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer For Probiotics
500kg Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer For Probiotics

500kg Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer For Probiotics

LABOAO provide GZLY-50 medical top press freeze dryer. It is widely used in medical field, such as blood products, vaccines, biological products, and chemical medicines, especially western medicine field. This series models are used in many large-scale pharmaceutical factories. In terms of injections, drug quality can be improved and storage time can be delayed through freeze drying.
  • Freeze dried area51.3㎡
  • Material tray size1500×1800mm (20 pcs)
  • Water catching capacity≥500kg/24h
  • Plate material500L (material thickness 10mm)
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GZLY-50 pharmaceutical freeze dryer is used for the pharmaceutical factories. This model is not only suitable for the freeze drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials, but also suitable for the drying of the vials materials. When the materials are ready for freeze-drying, they are put into in the vial, then begin freeze drying before the vial's lid unsealed. The capping device compacts the vials' lids after freeze drying to prevent secondary pollution, re-adsorb water, and facilitate long-term storage.


1. The shelves are made with unique patented technology, high pressure resistance, high flatness, and good temperature uniformity.

2. The cooling speed can be controlled throught the freeze drying curve optimization control technology   in the pre-frozen phase, and at the same time, the sample heating speed and the current vacuum value also can be controlled in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.

3. The patented gas diversion design and control technology, strong ice collecting capacity and high drying efficiency.

4. The unique dual-channel sealing technology of the mobile + fixed dual-channel door seals sterilizers the stationary silicone rubber while steam sterilizing.

5. Vacuum adjustment during drying operation to avoid foaming and blowing of special materials and improve drying efficiency.

6. Industrial-grade embedded touch screen + dedicated SH-HPSC-IV modular controller, stable and reliable system, high control accuracy.

7. The professionally designed LYO-CONTROL control system can save multiple sets of process. At the same time, the process can be adjusted in real time during the drying process to improve the process optimization rate.

8. Flexible manual + automatic control mode, the manual for groping process, and the automatic for batch production.

9. The powerful LYO-MEGA host computer control system can record and save the operating data, curves and alarm records for ten years to improve the traceability of products; at the same time, it is convenient for observation, operation and fault diagnosis.

10. User grades and passwords can be set, and operations can be decentralized to meet GMP-related requirements.

11. CIP and SIP function is optional.

12. The non-standard can be customized as requested.





Freeze drying area (m2)


Shipping weight (thickness 10mm) (L)


Shelf numbers (layer)


Shelf dimensions (mm)


Shelf spacing (mm)


Temperature range ()


Ice collecting capacity (kg/Batch)


Cold trap temperature ()


Cooling mode

water cooled

Defrosting mode

water soaked

Ultimate vacuum (Pa)


Power (kw)


Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)


 Vials Φ22 (pcs)


 Vials Φ16 (pcs)


Weight (kg)


Steaming water consumption (kg/h)


Inpouring water volume (l/min)



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