Maintenance Method Of Freeze Dryer

2021-02-01 14:22:12
Maintenance Method Of Freeze Dryer
No matter what kind of equipment, it needs maintenance after long-term use. The freeze dryer is no exception. When the freeze drying opportunities are frequently used by the enterprise, the freeze dryer can bring a lot of benefits to the enterprise, so for Extending the service life requires regular maintenance.

The use of the freeze dryer needs to pay attention to the maintenance rules, otherwise it will cause the efficiency of the work to decrease, and even the machine cannot be operated, etc., and the service life of the freeze dryer will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, after using the freeze dryer, the freeze dryer should be cleaned up in time. If the operation is careless or the cleaning method is wrong, it will cause a lot of loss. Generally, the reasons for the failure of freeze dryers are divided into two categories, natural factors and human factors.

Here is an introduction to the maintenance methods of the freeze dryer:

1. The operator should change the lubricating grease as required. Because only clean and pollution-free lubricating grease can let the freeze dryer perform its full performance, it cannot be taken lightly. Moreover, the replacement time of the freeze dryer is determined according to the compression temperature. If the compression temperature is relatively high, the time to replace the lubricant should be advanced. After running for 10,000 hours under normal conditions, the staff should look at the condition of the lubricating oil. If it is a new compressor, after 2,000 hours of start-up, it is necessary to replace the grease and clean the filter. After that, the freeze dryer can be checked regularly when it is in use. If the operating environment is better, there is no need to change the oil frequently, just change it after 20,000 hours. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of some oils, pay attention to the length of time when replacing them, and do not expose the oil to the air for a long time.

3. The oil filter of the freeze dryer has been used for more than 500 hours. It needs to be cleaned and replaced every 2000 hours.

The automatic drain is unloaded once a month for cleaning, which can minimize the occurrence of malfunctions.

4. Check the vent valve, the sensitivity of the solenoid valve, and whether the sealing is good once a month. If the body is very dirty, you can use a soft cloth to clean it. Do not put the freeze dryer in water or rinse it with water. Do not use organic solvents such as kerosene or alcohol to soak in solutions. Do not use steel wool or other hard Scraping and washing, otherwise it will cause damage to the body to avoid damage to the parts.

5. When cleaning the scale in the sink, it is also recommended to wipe with a soft cloth dipped in detergent. When cleaning the scale on the water level maintenance switch, first drop a few drops of the manufacturer’s special brand of detergent, and then use a soft brush to clean the air purifier. Clean the sink with clean water.