0.2㎡ Electric Heating In Situ Freeze Dryer 0.2㎡ Electric Heating In Situ Freeze Dryer
0.2㎡ Electric Heating In Situ Freeze Dryer 0.2㎡ Electric Heating In Situ Freeze Dryer

0.2㎡ Electric Heating In Situ Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer is Suitable for freeze drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials.
  • Freeze dried area0.2㎡
  • Material tray size395×265mm(2PCS)
  • Water catching capacity≥6kg/24h
  • Plate material2L (material thickness 10mm)
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Vacuum freeze dryers are widely used in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemicals and food. The lyophilized articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water.

LFD-10FA (electric heating) freeze dryer, lyophilized in situ (patented product). It changes the cumbersome operation of the past drying process, prevents material contamination, and automates the drying and sublimation. This model has shelf heating and programmable functions, can remember the freeze-drying curve, and comes with u disk extraction function, which is convenient for users to observe the lyophilization process of materials.


1. The company's patented product square warehouse in-situ vacuum freeze dryer, pre-freezing, drying in-situ, easy to operate, good drying effect.

2. The drying chamber door is made of ACRYLIC material, which is colorless, transparent and observable for lyophilization.

3. Inflatable (discharge) valve adopts safety diaphragm valve, which can be connected to inert gas source, and is filled with inert gas after drying to extend the shelf life of the material.

4. Specialized gas guiding technology, cold trap for uniform ice trapping and strong ice trapping ability.

5. Internationally renowned brand compressors, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and low noise.

6. The patented technology of the separator and the fuzzy control technology of the separator temperature, the shelf temperature difference is small, the temperature control precision is high, and the drying effect is uniform.

7. Freeze-drying curve optimization control technology, which can control the cooling rate during the pre-freezing stage, and control the heating rate of the sample and the vacuum value of the current stage in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.

8. Powerful sensor calibration to ensure accurate measurement of long-term use.

9. 7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, high control precision, stable and reliable performance.

10. Professionally designed FD-EMB control system can save hundreds of process recipes, each group contains 50 temperature control sections to improve process optimization rate.

11. Intelligent data recording system, real-time recording and display of cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum degree curve, export data can be browsed and printed by computer and various operations to facilitate process optimization and drying effect verification.

12. Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manually used for groping process, automatically used for batch production.

13. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function for fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.

14. User level and password can be set and decentralized for operation management.





Freeze-dried   area


Shelf size

400 × 270mm

Material   plate size

395 × 265mm

Number of   material trays


Laminar   spacing


Shelf   temperature range

-50 ° C ~   +70 ° C

Cold trap   temperature

≤ -60 ° C   (no load), optional ≤ -80 ° C (no load)

Water   catching capacity


Pumping rate


Ultimate   vacuum

≤ 5pa (no   load)

Installed   power


Host weight


Mainframe   dimensions

655 × 640 ×   1200mm

Cooling   method

air cooling

Plate   loading material

2L (material   thickness 10mm)


· Cold trap temperature -80 ° C

· Eutectic point tester

· Vacuum pump anti-return device

· Oil mist filtration system

· Vacuum regulation system

· Automatic backfill / drainage system

· LYO-MEGA Software System

· Mobile APP monitoring system

· Backfill filter

· External hanging device

· Non-standard customization


· Freeze dryer host ×1

· Vacuum pump × 1

· Sample tray × 2

· Circuit diagram × 1

· Instruction manual ×1

· Product warranty card × 1

· Product certificate × 1

· Other accessories


customer cases of freeze dryer from LABOAO