LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer
LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer

LFD-12SA Electric Heating Freeze Dryer

LFD-12SA Freeze dryer is suitable for freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials.
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Vacuum freeze dryers are widely used in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemicals and food. The lyophilized articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water. The LFD-12SA freeze dryer is a small vertical freeze-drying machine with shelf heating and programmable functions for laboratory use or small production to meet the routine freeze-drying requirements of most laboratories.


1. Integrated structural design, small size, no external flange, easy to use and no leakage.

2. All materials in contact with the product are made of inert materials and meet the requirements of GLP.

3. The cold trap and operating table are made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

4. The all-stainless steel inflation (water discharge) valve is designed and produced by our company, which is safe, anti-corrosion and leak-free.

5. The cold trap has a large opening, no internal coil, and a sample pre-freezing function, eliminating the need for a low-temperature refrigerator.

6. Specialized gas diversion technology, the cold trap captures ice evenly and has strong ice capturing ability.

7. Internationally renowned brand compressor, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and low noise.

8. Well-known brand vacuum pump with high pumping speed and higher ultimate vacuum degree.

9. Vacuum pump protection function, you can set the vacuum pump starting cold trap temperature to protect the service life of the vacuum pump.

10.7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, with high control accuracy and stable and reliable performance.

11. The professionally designed FD-EMB control system can save hundreds of sets of process recipes, each set of recipes contains 50 temperature control sections, improving the process optimization rate.

12. The intelligent data recording system records and displays the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, and vacuum degree curve in real time. The exported data can be browsed, printed, and operated through a computer.

13. The plate heating safety voltage (36V) temperature control system can control the heating rate.

14. Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual exploration of technology, and automatic mass production.

15. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query functions facilitate fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.

16. User levels and passwords can be set for decentralized operation and management.

17. Powerful sensor calibration function ensures the accuracy of measurement values for long-term use.

18. The intelligent AI electric defrost SH-10KCQ uses safe voltage and combines multi-dimensional fuzzy control technology to significantly improve defrosting efficiency.




Freeze-dried area


Temperature range of tray

-40C to +60C

Material plate size


Number of material trays


Material plate spacing


Cold trap temperature

≤ -56 ° C (no load), optional ≤ -80 ° C (no load)

Cold trap depth


Cold trap diameter


Water catching capacity


Pumping rate


Ultimate vacuum

≤5pa (no load)

Installed power


Host weight


Mainframe dimensions


-80 °C mainframe dimensions

770 × 550 × 720mm

Drying chamber size


Cooling method

air cooling

Defrost mode

Nature defrost

Plate loading material

1.2L (material thickness 10mm)


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